New Owner, Short Term Rental Onboarding Par Levels

New Owner, Short Term Rental Onboarding Par Levels


Welcome On Board!

Thank you for checking out our article on minimum Par levels! MANY other vacation rental management companies send their clients to this page on our site to have the the proper pars ordered in advance of hosting. These are pretty accurate needs to efficiently operate your busy, vacation rental property. We are OK with other companies from across the country sending their clients to this page, because we only service the Lakefront Homes, On Lake Lanier, in North Georgia With Docks!

Our delivery of an amazing guest experience, is our top priority! Driving Positive Reviews Across All OTA (Online Travel Agency) Platforms For Our Owners! Ensuring this is our primary focus, it allows us to earn our property owners the highest ADR (Average Daily Rate) available in the market! We balance Rate, Broad OTA Exposure, Minimum Length Of Stay Adjustment Throughout each Season And Holiday, Daily And Seasonal Rate Changes Based On Local Market Occupancy, All to best drive demand for our property owners!

Our quality of guest experience and our maintenance standards, are the highest in any market, for our property owners. Our reviews will confirm this for you! 

There are  Costco Links and Sam's Club Links on this list. If you do not have a membership to those Warehouse Clubs, let us know and we can order these items for you and bill for them.

If there is any question on recommended inventory par levels per guest/room or fixture, ALWAYS round up.

You are not required to use these initial par levels (unless noted in RED), however if you do then we will continue to replenish the inventory as needed out of our operating budget. We do reserve the right to expense reorders to the property owner, albeit we have not billed any owner for restocking, since we started in 2016!


New Property On-boarding Par Levels
Consumables & Disposables:
Toilet Paper (1 Case Per Bathroom):
COSTCO Toilet Paper
Paper Towels (1 Case of 24 Per 12 Guests At Full Capacity):
Paper Towels
Trash Bags Tall Kitchen (2 Case Per 12 Guests At Full Capacity):
Costco Trash Bags
Bathroom Trash Bags:
Bathroom Trash Bags
Disposable Cups (glass is not allowed at the Dock & Prefered not outside):
Disposable Cups
General Cleaner Spray (1 bottle per guest at maximum capacity):
Meyers Cleaning Spray For Guest Use
Shampoo (3ea Per Bathroom) :
Costco Shampoo
Conditioner (3ea Per Bathroom):
Costco Conditioner
Hand Soap (4ea Per Bathroom):
Meyer's Hand Soap 6 Pk
Body Soap (4ea Per Bathroom):
Costco Body Wash
Hand Sanitizer:
Hand Sanitizer (2 per kitchen sink)
Laundry Detergent (3 (360 ea total) Per 12 Guests At Full Capacity):
Laundry Detergent Pods
Dish Machine Detergent (3ea Per 12 Guests At Full Capacity):
Dish Machine Pods
Dish Machine Rinse Aid (2ea Per 12 Guests At Full Capacity):
Rinse Aid
Liquid Dish Soap (1ea (96oz) Per 12 Guests At Full Capacity):
Meyers Dish Soap
Cotton Swabs (2000 per 12 guests at maximum capacity):
Cotton Swabs
Cotton Swab Container (1ea Per Bathroom):
Swab Container 1 Per Bathroom
Mouthwash (100oz per bathroom):
Mouthwash 50.7 oz 2 per bathroom
Mouthwash Carafe/Decanter (1 per bathroom):
Mouthwash Decanter
Coffee (5lbs per 12 guests at maximum capacity):
2LB Medium Roast Coffee
Tea Selection:
Tea Kettle
Herbal Sea Assortment
Black Tea Assortment
Coffee & Sugar Canister (2 Per Coffee Bar):
Coffee Filters (1 (600ea) per 12 guests at maximum capacity):
#4 Cone Coffee Filters
Non Dairy Creamer (2 per 12 guests at maximum capacity):
Non Dairy Creamer
Snacks Starter Inventory (3 assortments per 12 guests at maximum capacity):
Mixed Snack Selection
Plastic Wrap:
Aluminum Foil:
Pepper Corns
Red Pepper
Garlic Powder
Chili Powder
Five Spice
Montreal Seasoning
Italian Seasoning
Turmeric, Ginger, Cinnamon
Curry, Cumin, Curacumin
Vegetable Oil
Kitchen & Safety:
Wide Slot Stainless Toaster
Coffee Maker:
12 cup with insulated carafe
Salt & Pepper Grinder:
Refillable S&P Grinders
Door Lock:
Schlage Door Lock, MUST SAY ENCODE
Yale Assure Smart Locks
Fire Extinguishers:
Fire Extinguishers
CO Detectors (1 Per Bedroom AND Gathering Room):
CO Detectors 1 Per Bedroom AND Gathering Room
Fire/Smoke Detectors (1 Per Bedroom AND Gathering Room):
Smoke Detectors
FIRST AID KIT( 1 Per Bathroom):
First Aid Kit
Flashlights 1 per bedroom and kitchen
Sunscreen (1 Per 6 Guest At Full Capacity):
Sun Screen
Sun Relief (1 Per 6 Guests At Full Capacity):
Sunburn Relief 1 Per 6 guests At Full Capacity
We recommend the exterior flood lights and front door entry light be on smart switches for security when vacant:
TP / Kasa , HomeKit/Google/Alexa Smart Switch
TP / Kasa outdoor switch for Party Lights
AAA Batteries 20ea Per Home
AA Batteries 20ea Per Home
CR123 Lithium Batteries 1pk of 24, Per Home
9V Lithium Batteries 1 Per Guest At Full Capacity
Media / Maintenance : 
Apple TV (1ea Per Television):
Apple TV 4K
HDMI Cables, for Apple TV and any guest provided laptop or game console for TV projection:
Light Bulbs (12 extra Per Bulb Type / 60W Warm LED Preferred):
Standard LED BULBS
MR16 GU 5.3 LED Bulbs 60W Warm LED Preferred 
MR16 GU 10 LED Bulbs 60W Warm LED Preferred 
Air Filters (6 Ea,  Per Filter Size & Location / MERV 10+
MERV 11 Air Filters
Plunger (1 per bathroom cabinet + 1 per kitchen):
Kitchen Trash Can (1 for refuse + 1 for recycle):
Bathroom Waste Bin:
Bedding & Bathroom
Twin (4+ complete Sets Per Bed) WHITE:
Twin Sheet Set 4+ Sets Per Bed
Queen (4+ complete Sets Per Bed, albeit these 6 pc flat and fitted kits may be more economical and just have a few extra)) WHITE:
King (4+ complete Sets Per Bed) WHITE:
Standard Pillow Cases (8 Per Guest At Full Capacity) WHITE:
Pillow Protectors (3 Per Guest At Full Capacity) WHITE:
Pillow Encasements
Mattress Encasement Protectors (1.5 Per Bed) WHITE:
Twin Mattress Encasement
Queen Mattress Encasement
King Mattress Encasement
Pillows (2.25 STANDARD SIZE PILLOW, Per Guest At Full Capacity):
Standard Pillows
Clothes Hangers (10 per closet bedroom):
Suitcase Stands (1 per bedroom):
Luggage Stand
Universal Charging Station (1 per home):
Charging Station
Shower Curtain WHITE:
Shower Curtain 1.5 Per Rod
Shower Curtain Liner WHITE:
Shower Curtain Liner 2 Per Shower Rod
Shower Curtain Rings :one set per shower rod:
Shower Curtain Rings
Bath Towels WHITE:
Hand Towels WHITE:
Wash Cloths WHITE:
Hair Dryer:
Hair Dryer 1 Per Bathroom
Recommended Use Products(once your inventory in use, drops below usable levels):
RING DOORBELL (One on the Front Door and one on the back door):
ecobee Home Thermostats (we will have access and keep the thermostat at energy saving levels, when there are no guest checking in that day):
Dinnerware sets (Service for 150% of maximum guest capacity):
Dinnerware Set For 6
Flatware (full set 150% of maximum guest count) :
Steak Knives (1.5 per gest):
Glassware (1 large glass per guest at maximum capacity):
Wine Glasses:
Service Platters, Bowls & Utensils:
Pots, Pans & Cookware:
Inflatable Paddle Board (2 per dock with a Goal to get 3 Peak seasons out of each board, albeit 2 seasons is an acceptable natural expiration):
2 Person Sit On Top Kayak:
Kayak & Paddle Board Storage Racks To Mount To Dock Posts:
Lake Seats In Water:
Life Jackets FOR ADULTS (our instructions to guests advise them to bring their own children's life jackets, as their is no one on site to monitor the fit):
We Provide These Quality Items & Services In Your Home To Enhance The Guest Experience!
  • Coffee & Tea Cups are Provided By Our Sister Company & Lake Lanier Real Estate Team! !
  • We supply eero whole home mesh WiFi:
    • eero Pro6+
    • Best in Class Gig Speed WiFi distribution, across every inch of your home!
  • SONOS Whole Home Audio System
    • SONOS
    • The most technologically advanced and Dynamic Sound Available, in a whole home wireless Audio system!
    • Every Guest, Every Stay. Just a nice touch to extend our Georgia Hospitality to our guests!
    • enough for everyone, for their entire stay!
    • we forget if one pot or two, is too many?
  • 24/7 Cigaret Smoke Detection System Inside With Immediate Property Manager Notification
    • Not allowed at any of our Managed Properties
  • 24/7 Noise Monitoring In House and Outside Gathering Spaces
    • Guests are immediately and automatically notified by our monitoring system if the appropriate time of day allow for the current volume.
  • 24/7 Crowd Detection System
    • We Have Motion Monitors In Every Home That Monitor & Coordinate with the Decibel Meters and The Number Of Guests Booked For The Stay In Our Management System, To Insure There Are NEVER Un-Announced Gatherings.
  • Supplemental Maintenance Schedule: Bi Monthly Air Filter Changes, Bi Monthly Battery Changes in Guest Access Systems, Annual Smoke Detector Battery Changes, Seasonal Hose Bib Winterization, Weekly Light Bulb Check, Weekly Drip Check On All Fixtures, Spring & Summer Insect Deterrent Supplement